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New splash screen coming to next Unity 5.5 beta

From a tweet by Unity dev @KarlJamesJones

#unity3d We did it! New splash screen has landed. Find it in the next Unity 5.5 beta. gets a major update

The open source Unity search engine received a big update this week, with an updated homepage, improved layout and better distribution format (.zip makes a lot more sense than .tar.gz cross-platform).

Unity Tips

Unity 5.5 – New features and how to use them

Useful Reddit thread containing a list of new and improved Unity 5.5 features, with docs and tutorial links on how to take advantage of them.


Custom Coroutines

Article from December last year on the Unity blog about creating your own IEnumerable type, which can be useful to do custom things when using coroutines. In this case, waiting for a specified time, regardless of the current scaled time value.


Visual Studio+ReSharper-level Productivity in VSCode

Nice article from the uShip blog about how to setup VSCode to be nearly as good as Visual Studio + ReSharper. Ideal if you use macOS or Linux for your development work. MonoDevelop just doesn’t cut it on the other platforms in comparison.

Editor Formulas Window

A unified editor window that allows you to use many editor scripts submitted by the Unity community. Nice way of keeping these useful things all in one place.


Making Sense of Hard Edges

Informative article on how to effectively achieve that faceted, hard-edge look in your models. It’s not as simple as it seems at first glace. The post covers UVs, normal maps and vertex counts – they all play a part in achieving the flat-shaded style.


Temporal Reprojection Anti-Aliasing

Open source release of the anti-aliasing solution used in Playdead’s INSIDE, which uses temporal reprojection. Amazing results, highly recommend you check it out.

Must Have Free Assets From Unity AssetStore

Curated list of some of the best free assets available on the Unity Asset Store. Higlights in this list: ProBuilder, LeanTween and TouchScript. Many others besides.


9 Visual Studio Productivity Tools

For those using Visual Studio on Windows, the Visual Studio Productivity Tools are a worthy addition to your VS setup. This video covers some of the most useful features.

And Finally…

NBA JAM – NBA License Pitch Video (1992)

Fascinating to see how the series got started, and that the original plan was, in part, for a first-person court view!